Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grandma Swanson's Peonies

Thanks, Mom, for this bouquet!  These are from a transplant from my Grandma Ruth Swanson's peony bush from her home near Denham, MN.  Grandma passed away around five years ago, so it's nice to have these beauties every year.

The Story of the Squash

This summer, I am "community gardening" with my neighbor down the road, Rita.  Her husband, Joe, passed  away three years ago.  They had a huge garden in their backyard - it was his summer's passion.  He had cross bred two types of squash to create his own variety that he planted every year from seed from the previous year's harvest.  This summer, we planted seed from the squash that was from his last gardening year.  Lo and behold - we have plants!  Yesterday I counted six plants - I'm hoping I have a lot of friends who love squash!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blooming Update

The following plants are now in full bloom:

Siberian Iris
Jacobs Ladder
Fern Leaf Bleeding Heart
Geranium (all varieties)

The following are past bloom: Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart, Columbine, Virginia Blue Bells, Lungwort, Miniature Iris, Forget Me Not.

This fall I need to divide up the Siberian Iris and put some in the other part of the main garden where all of the Lilies are as there is almost nothing in bloom there right now and it looks awfully green and boring. I planted some peonies there last year but they just haven't bloomed yet this year. Plus I just need to move them a little because they are getting crowded by the white peonies that are in full bloom.

Always work to do in the garden!

Monday, June 14, 2010

First Harvest!

Last night, we enjoyed the first salad from our garden. Granted it was just lettuce with a green onion sliced on top, but it was wonderful!

Today I saw a little bitty tomato on one of my tomato plants. I can't remember the variety but it is supposed to be an early producer. My tomato plants are looking a little soggy from all of this rain. My brandywines especially are showing the effects of too much water. Hopefully it dries up and we get some sun soon (2 inches of rain here in the last week - whoa!).

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garden Update

On June 2nd, I finished planting the vegetable garden. I planted squash, beans, the rest of the row of peas, 18 roma tomato plants, and several hills of cucumbers, both slicing and pickling. I hilled the potatoes two days ago and did some more weeding. Everything is coming along so nicely!

Today I finished planting my latest delivery from Bluestone Perennials: Blue Angel hosta, Zounds hosta, Paul's Glory hosta, bergenia, and snowdrop. I've really been adding things to the shade garden - not really expanding the bed sizes, just filling them up more. I will post pictures when things start flowering!