Wednesday, April 6, 2011

National Frog Month

Leopard Frog
April is National Frog Month.  Frogs are one of my favorite little critters.  They're harmless, stealth little guys, hiding out under the big leaves of the rhubarb, waiting to snatch up some tasty little bugs.  And when you spot one, it usually causes you to do a double take as they blend in so well you're not sure if you actually saw one or not.  As kids growing up in an area full of natural wetlands, we loved spending time catching the little guys, collecting them in a pail, pretending we were going to have a frog farm, only to send them off their merry little way before we had to run in to dinner.  Often one of my brothers would suggest we sell them to fishermen, which probably prompted the rescue release mission. 

Here's hoping I have the pleasure of running into one of these little guys soon!

1 comment:

  1. I was hoping to find some our native frogs on today's walk down by the creek, but sadly I didn't see even one. I was so disappointed. I had no idea it was National Frog Month!