Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pretty Much Picasso Petunia, take two

Last year I really wanted to plant some of these petunias in hanging baskets on the lake side of the house where they would get a lot of sun, but they were nowhere to be found around here.  This year, I did get my hands on some, which are potted in two lovely hanging baskets just waiting for summer to arrive.  Currently, they're sitting on the hearth of the fireplace where they won't freeze at night!

I was excited to finally find these, but I was also surprised at how small the flowers were.  This picture is from the Proven Winners website and unless you really look closely at how the flowers compare to the leaves, you would assume that they're larger than they truly are.  Or at least I did.  But that didn't stop me from buying them.

Now we just have to wait for the temps to catch up with the calendar here in northern MN!


  1. I like the little white edges!

  2. The flowers are a little smaller than other petunias, but my one plant, in a hanging basket, grew and bloomed like crazy. It trailed about 2.5' from the planter. The plant was not fertilized. One strange thing: last week there was an awful odor around my porch. I thought that maybe an animal had died in my garden. I found out that the odor was coming from the petunia. I cut back the plant and will see what happens.

  3. They have an AWFUL STENCH! Didn't start until 1 month after buying hanging basket of them and googled picasso petunias stink. OMG! Smells like cat urine spray yet basket way too high for that. Turns out that is what these variety do, and it must take a month or 2 after they are 1st sold. Went to the greenhouse today and they were still selling them...and yup, the STECNCH!