Sunday, February 2, 2014

We survived January!

I know it doesn't seem much to celebrate, but the coldest January in over 100 years is behind us!  School was cancelled four days due to extreme cold.  That is unheard of in MN.  But it did give me time to put in a seed order, which arrived yesterday.  Now I have another two months of dreaming before I start my tomato seeds.  Sounds like time to create my garden layout for this spring.

February seemed to be the time of year when my garden pantry was empty.  But not this year.  I was either much more productive this fall (which may have been the case) or we haven't been eating from the garden pantry as often as in prior years.  This time of year, though, the potatoes and onions in storage are starting to look a little worse for wear.  As long as my family doesn't see what they look like before they get cooked and mashed, it's all good! 

A success last garden season was my carrots!  I'm so thankful that we brought the fridge from the garage into the basement before the snow arrived.  I still have about three gallon storage bags full of beautiful garden carrots that still taste as great as they did when we pulled them from the ground.  I love that the garden keeps on giving throughout the year.  Today I'm making this vegetable quinoa soup using my own beans, carrots, tomatoes, and onions.  Perfect on a cold winter day when I'd rather be in the garden.

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