This is my hosta collection.  With a lot of shade, hostas have become my "go-to" plant to add interest and color in my gardens.  True of most gardeners, I have several hosta varieties that I've gotten as divisions from friends and relatives that are not marked.  Once I started noticing the dimension they added to the shade garden, I started paying more attention to cultivar names and keeping track of what I've purchased.  I'll add pictures as I get around to taking them, but in the meantime, I've added links to information about each known variety in my garden and where it was purchased or obtained.

Abiqua Drinking Gourd (Bluestone Perennials)
Abba Dabba Do     (Springfresh Garden Center)
Appletini (New Hampshire Hostas)
Albomarginata (Glorified Weeds)
August Moon (Bluestone Perennials)
Baby Bunting (shared from J.M.)
Big Daddy (Bluestone Perennials)
Blue Angel   (Shared by J.J.)
Blue Ivory (Bluestone Perennials)
Blue Mouse Ears (Springfresh Garden Center)
Blue Umbrellas (Springfresh Garden Center)
Bright Lights (NH Hostas)
Captain Kirk (Glorified Weeds)
Cathedral Windows (NH Hostas)
Cheatin Heart (Shared by J.M.)
Cherry Berry (Glorified Weeds)
Dance With Me (NH Hostas)
Devil's Advocate (Bluestone Perennials)
El Nino (Bluestone Perennials)
Fire and Ice (NH Hostas)
Fire Island (Springfresh Garden Center)
First Frost  ( Bluestone Perennials)
Fragrant Bouquet (Shared by J.J.)
Frances Williams (Glorified Weeds)
Frosted Mouse Ears (Bluestone Perennials)
Gold Edger (Glorified Weeds)
Gold Standard (Glorified Weeds)
Golden  Meadows (NH Hostas)
Golden Tiara  (Glorified Weeds)
Grand Tiara (Glorified Weeds)
Great Arrival (Bluestone Perennials)
Great Expectations (Bluestone Perennials)
Guacamole (Bluestone Perennials)
Half & Half (NH Hostas)
Humpback Whale (Springfresh Garden Center)
Independence (Bluestone Perennials)
Ivory Queen (NH Hostas)
June  (Glorified Weeds)
Krossa Regal (Glorified Weeds)
Lakeside Baby Face (Bluestone Perennials)
Lakeside Beach Captain (NH Hostas)
Lakeside Kaleidoscope (New Hampshire Hostas)
Lakeside Ninita (Shared by JM)
Lancifolia (Inherited with our house!)
Loyalist (NH Hostas)
Orange Marmalade  (Bluestone Perennials)
Pandora's Box (New Hampshire Hostas)
Patriot (Glorified Weeds)
Paul's Glory (Bluestone Perennials)
Peanut  (Bluestone Perennials)
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake (Bluestone Perennials)
Praying Hands (Springfresh Garden Center)
Purple Dwarf (New Hampshire Hostas)
Red October (Springfresh Garden Center)
Revolution (Glorified Weeds)
Rocket's Red Glare
Sagae (Glorified Weeds)
Silver Bay (Bluestone Perennials)
Stained Glass  (Bluestone Perennials)
Stiletto (Shared by J.J.)
Striptease (Glorified Weeds)
Sum and Substance (Glorified Weeds)
Tea & Crumpets (New Hampshire Hostas)
Teeny-weeny Bikini (New Hampshire Hostas)
Undulata Variegata (Glorified Weeds)
Wheee! (New Hampshire Hostas)
Whirlwind (New Hampshire Hostas)
Zounds (Springfresh Garden Center)


Gold Standard
Undulata Variegata

A colorful combination