Sunday, January 8, 2012

Last of the Red Potatoes

These are some pretty sorry looking potatoes!  It's the last of the 30 pounds we harvested at the end of the season from four pounds of seed potatoes (after several meals of baby reds throughout the summer).  They did get a little scabby this year, so I'll be moving the potatoes to a different area in the garden this spring.

In addition to these red potatoes, we planted Norkotah russet potatoes (looks like one of which snuck into this box) and Kennebec white potatoes.  We harvested about fifty pounds of each, also from roughly 4 pounds of seed.  From what I've been able to find online, that sounds like a good harvest.  It seems to be just about the right amount for my family of five to get us through the winter.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Spring Frost Free Dates

What do the following towns have in common?
New Meadows, ID
Colorado Springs, CO
New Meadows, ID
Grayling, MI
Great Falls, MT
Berlin, NH

They all have a later spring frost free date than my little slice of Minnesota heaven, according to

Usually it's just plain silly to start thinking about frost free dates in January in Minnesota, but with yesterday's high over 50 and today over 40, it's just feels like spring!  I went to the Johnny's Select Seeds website to take a look at their planting guide to see when I can start my tomato growing project.  Turns out, I have a couple of months to wait (April 11, to be exact), so I may just plant some herbs just to get my fingers in the dirt and celebrate our "spring."