Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Hostas

I just updated my blog to include a page devoted to my hosta collection.  It is my intent to grow this collection, and this is a way for me to simply keep track of things!  I also placed an order today with Bluestone Perennials for more.  Here's what I chose:

Great Expectations - Because I love to read and it is one of my favorite books

First Frost - Recommended by Diane at My Cottage Garden

Frosted Mouse Ears - I just added Blue Mouse Ears, may as well have a set

Lakeside Baby Face - Living on the lake, need I say more?

Patriot - Great name, beautiful hosta!

Stained Glass - Fell in love with this one after visiting a co-worker's beautiful backyard shade garden

There you have it!  What are your favorite hosta varieties?  Is there a must have that I'm missing?

1 comment:

  1. All lovely choices! Hostas are just the best. When I made my little post a few weeks ago I was really surprized that someone from California said she couldn't grow them there (well, she could, but as annuals.) I realized that some of the plants we love NEED the winter in order to survive. I found that pretty interesting.