Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Garden Planning Begins

Why is it all the garden catalogs start arriving after Christmas?  Maybe because once the holidays are over, the next thing to look forward to is Spring.  But in Minnesota, that's a long time coming.  It is nice to think about the snow melting, and the temperatures warming, but in some ways it's also pure torture!  But with the arrival of seed and perennial catalogs certainly comes longing for the next gardening season to begin.  In that vein, I've already put together my vegetable garden plot for next year.  This may undergo some changes yet - it'll only be our second year of gardening on this site and I need to do some research regarding companion planting, but I already know that I need to make sure that I move the potatoes and tomatoes from year to year to discourage scabs and blight, respectively.  And I already know not to plant the cucumber near the squash.  But here is the overall plan for the garden: