Saturday, June 9, 2012

Running on Empty

I work in education, and it seems like the times I am busiest at work are the times that I should be busiest in the garden!

As it turns out, that worked to my advantage this year. After everyone else planted their garden seeds, we had TEN inches of rain in one week and everyone had to reseed. Except for me, ever behind the eight ball in the spring. So while my friends and neighbors were reseeding, I was sowing for the first time.

Here was my planting timeline, for future reference:

May 13: potatoes and onions went in
May 28 : beans, peas, carrots, beets, dill, broccoli and cabbage
June 2: tomatoes, peppers and zucchini
June 7: cucumbers and squash

On the flower front, everything's early this year. Peonies are just about to bloom. Irises of the bearded variety are finishing and siberians are about to bloom. Geum is done but geraniums will soon flower. It's a beautiful time of year!

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