Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Garden Tours

Each summer, one of the staff members at the school where I work organizes a staff garden tour.  This year we visited a couple of gardens belonging to retired school employees.  How fun!  Now I know what I will be doing in my retirement  (in 20 years)-- gardening my heart out!

I always come home from garden tours with at least a FEW ideas or plants that I just must add to my garden.  The plant I fell in love with this year was the hosta "Whirlwind." 

Whirlwind is the hosta in the center, with thick, deep green edged leaves that are all whirled around.  So of course I came home and ordered one right away!  The only site I could find selling this (with it in stock) was NH Hostas & Companion Plants.  I've never ordered from them before, so hopefully I won't be disappointed. 

Of course, one can never order just ONE hosta at a time.  No, that just wouldn't do.  So here's what else I added to my cart:

Tea & Crumpets Hosta

Wheee! Hosta

Rockets Red Glare Hosta

I also stopped and picked up some new shrubs, specifically a golden barberry and a neon colors spirea. 

Next week is the Carlton County Master Gardeners garden tours, so I'm sure I'll be back with even more ideas!

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