Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cruel, cruel winter

Oh, cruel, cruel winter of 10-11, when will you release your death grip on us?!  In an act of self-torture, I decided to re-read my posts from last March, and discovered that I had the following peeking out of the ground on March 21:

creeping yellow sedum
pink mallow
bee balm
evening primrose
jacobs ladder
Autumn Joy sedum
bachelor button

Now we still have at least 10 inches of snow on the ground thanks to the storm earlier in the week, and it's snowing again today.

Thanks to all of this late season snow, instead of spending my day outdoors cleaning out gardens and expanding my front yard foundation planting as planned, I'm spending it reading my newest addition to my gardening library, Edible Front YardThe Mow-Less, Grow-More Plan for a Beautiful, Bountiful Garden, by Ivette Soler.  I purchased this after reading about it on the Garden Rant blog.  It's a fast, easy read, and is giving me some glorious ideas!  The longer this snow is on the ground, the more grandiose my plans become.  While a lot of the plants in this book will not work in my northern garden, the book was still a worthwhile read.


  1. LOL. I know, I did the same thing. But then I checked my photos for the year before, and we are right on schedule compared to that.

    So I prefer to think of last year as an 'early spring!'

    I like your blog - (I have the same layout.)

  2. Oh, yah, that really WAS depressing! Don't know what came over me.

    We'll have a late winter.

  3. No worries - I was able to get out today and clean up some gardens and saw daffodils starting to peek out of the soil, so that was a real spirit lifter! :)

    I checked out your blog as well. Very nice! Love the perennial border!