Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sidewalk Garden

Lacking software for garden planning, I used Better Homes and Gardens online garden planner to plot out a "sidewalk garden" to make the path to the house a little more interesting.  Everything shifted a little after I saved it but it gives the general idea.  The plan involves the following plants:  Endless Summer hydrangea, nepeta (the three bluish looking mounds), pansies, hardy geranium (in blues or purples, not the pink as is indicated), bearded iris (the larger looking ornamental grasses) and a gold sedum I'm ordering from Bluestone Perennials titled "Sedum Angelina"(the shorter looking ornamental grasses).  I'm hoping the Iris will do something in this location - I have had NO LUCK at all with bearded irises at this house despite being able to grow them just fine at our previous home a mile away as the crow flies.

The Catmint and Geranium (Jolly Bee variety) I plan to get from my favorite gardener, Kathy, at Glorified Weeds ( The Iris plants will be moved from another location in my yard, the pansies will come from Young's Greenhouse in Sturgeon Lake, and I'll pick up the hydrangeas at Spring Fresh Garden Center in town.

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