Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where did summer go?

Has it really been four months since I posted?  Terrible!  What happened?

Oh yeah, life... :)

In August, we took a 12 day trip to Colorado and when we returned, I was back to work.  While Colorado was lovely, our return to Minnesota was bittersweet.  It was great to be home, but I was sad to have missed two weeks of time on the lake and in the gardens.  Summer is so short here, I decided then that I would NOT spend two weeks away again during our most beautiful time of the year.

So, having not blogged for awhile, here is how the season turned out:
1.  LOTS of potatoes and onions harvested (will definitely plant Candy onions again next year!)
2.  Not as many tomatoes as last year, but still enough to freeze about 20, 3 c. bags of spaghetti sauce.  I freeze 3 cups in a bag because my family seems to never use the last cup in a quart jar, and 3 c. is just right with no waste!
3.  LOTS of pickles this year.  I stopped canning at 24 quarts and started giving them away.  People started running away whenever I started to say anything about cucumbers.
4.  Few squash - our cold spring, dry August, and early frost pretty much made for a difficult year for everyone.  We yielded about a third of what we did last year and only froze 10 cups this year.
5.  Great flower show this year!  Wish I had taken more pictures.  Maybe next year (famous last words!).

So now we have had our first accumulating snowfall of the season, and we're settling in for a long, cold winter, northern Minnesota style. 


  1. Hi Billie Jo - Glad to be able to visit Moose Country again. But please keep that white stuff up in Minnesota. My cold frames keep up my gardening interest in the long, cold winter that you speak about.

  2. Hi Billie Jo, welcome back to blogging. We missed your gardening stories over the summer. Good luck with the winter coming on. George