Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring has Sprung

I spent this past weekend in Rochester, MN, located about 150 miles or so south of Moose Country, and was feeling insanely jealous of the green grass, budding trees, and blooming bulbs.  When driving through the countryside, my daughter said "Mom, it smells like a garden down here!"  And she was right.  Rochester seems to be about three weeks ahead of us every year when it comes to spring's arrival, and I imagine winter arrives just a few weeks later as well.  But when we did return on Sunday, I was delighted to see "ice out" (the official term for an ice free lake) on our lake... on March 25... unheard of!

If you live on a lake, you know the incredible mental health boost you feel almost immediately when you see open water again after the long winter.  Already our old friends the bald eagle, the blue heron, the lonely loon, and the river otter were back to visit yesterday.  We've missed you.

Of course the mental health boost brings about a surge in energy as well which was spent removing mulch from the perennial beds and sowing some lettuce seeds.  Being that we are in Northern Minnesota, the mulch is lying closely to the newly exposed beds in case temperatures decide to take a nose dive... I'm no silly slouch, it happens often around here!

Now I finally feel like I can relate to the other gardeners around the country who are enjoying the season.  Happy Gardening!

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