Sunday, March 4, 2012

Toe-May-Toe, Toe-Mah-Toe

Yesterday, I started tomato plants.  I have never started tomatoes from seed before, but it was one of my "gardening resolutions" for the new year, and a way for me to get a start on the season during the long Minnesota winter.  I planted Early Girl, Better Boy, and Roma plants.  I'm a little concerned that it may still be too early to start these, but I'm operating under the advice of a co-worker/gardener extraordinaire. We'll see what happens.

On the weather front, winter FINALLY arrived in Minnesota this last week.  It's been a very dry, warm winter.  It's nice to finally see a decent amount of snow, and more tolerable knowing that it won't be around for long as 40+ degree weather is supposed to return this week, just in time for spring break!

The March issue of Better Homes & Gardens arrived this week and again I am reminded of our shorter season here in the north.  The issue is featuring spring paint colors, spring ephemerals, spring annuals for container planting... and my zone envy is raging yet again!  Ah well, spring should arrive eventually in the great northwoods.  In the meantime, I should enjoy the last (hopefully!) hurrah of an uneventful winter and go play in the snow.


  1. I understand about everyone raving about spring. It is snowing like crazy here. I am like you and a bit hesitant to start some tomato seeds. Maybe I just need to get brave like you. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Good luck with the to-MAY-toes. LOL. I haven't been around much this winter. Glad you still are!


  3. Starting seeds indoors will definitely help your winter go by a little better, especially when you see those little seedlings poking up from the soil! I have my seeds planted and am looking foward to success as well. This is my first year to plant Toe-May-Toe seeds indoors as well! I am very excited. I am in zone 6b!
    We will learn as we go!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. You didn't mention any heirlooms. Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, Chocolate Cherry, all very delicious.

    1. George - I like to plant a couple plants of a variety of heirlooms, so I'll get those from a neighbor who also has a greenhouse. Black Brandywines are my absolute favorite! I also enjoy Brandywine and Amish Paste, and last year also planted a yellow variety whose name I can't remember but whose taste was just divine!

    2. Could the yellow be Dr. Wyche? Fantastic tomato.