Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Hostas... are we surprised?

What a beautiful day!  Almost 70 degrees... as if it were some cosmic April fool's joke. 

So what did I do with this beautiful day?  Why played in the gardens, of course.  After donning my garden shoes (I know, nasty, right?), I thought that maybe it's time to trade them in for something more durable, maybe even waterproof.  But then again, there is comfort in the familiar.  And why would I want to spend money on new garden shoes when I can spend it on new garden PLANTS!

So after cleaning all the debris and leaves from the perennial beds, I hopped on to the Bluestones Perennials website and put a few more must have hostas in my cart.  Here's what I chose:


Devil's Advocate


Blue Ivory

They were on sale... my common defense.  How many hostas can a girl have?  Turns out, not enough.

On a side note, here's what's peeking up from the earth these days:

Bleeding Heart
Cherry Bells
Virginia Bluebells
Sedum - several varieties
Bee Balm (MMMM... how I missed that smell all winter!)
Perennial Bachelor Button
Daylilies - several varieties
Bishop's Cap
Obedient Plant
Chives (and I made potato salad today JUST so I could have something to add chives to!)
Jacob's Ladder
Perennial mums

There was probably more, but this is the best my memory serves me at almost midnight after a very, very busy day.  This full body exhaustion is just more proof that the 2012 garden season is off to a wonderful, early start!


  1. Hi Billie Jo!

    LOL. Your garden shoes look so perfect and comfy!

    Those are beautiful hostas that you choose. Anything blooming yet?


    1. Diane, - I have one lonely little grape hyacinth that is going to bloom any day now, otherwise everything else is about an inch tall at this point! :)

      How about you?

  2. Hey thanks for swinging by. My husband got the greenhouse from Snap and Grow on the internet. It was pretty easy to put together. I know how you feel waiting for plants to bloom. Good luck.