Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Wonders

There still isn't much happening in the gardens, but I did spot these little blooms the other day.
Purple Viola

I also discovered, to my displeasure, that deer seem to enjoy bergenia, as you can kind of see in the photo below.  These are planted out in the shade garden by the road, which is right across from a large wooded area.  I guess they'll need to be moved closer to the house, as if that'll stop the deer.
Deer-chomped Bergenia

And just for fun, here's a picture of the rhubarb making it's appearance.  Funny plant, that rhubarb.  The first year we were in this house, I just let the rhubarb go.  My secretary was quite taken aback by that and the next year, brought me several wonderful rhubarb recipes.  I'm looking forward to rhubarb sweet bread, rhubarb bars, rhubarb pudding cake...  mmmmm!!!



  1. Oh, what little treasures these are! I love the pulmonaria - I don't have any yet, but they are on my list. I have some rhubarb that I don't always get to, as well. Yours looks nice and healthy. Does it get full sun? (Mine doesn't which I think might be a problem.)

  2. Diane - the rhubarb gets some early morning shade but then from about 10:00 am on is in full sun. The bed where it's planted is about eight feet deep by four feet wide, and it's FULL and then some in the summer. It makes a nice ornamental among the flowers.