Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wildflowers in my yard!

Who knew that my yard was a prime breeding ground for a variety of wildflowers.  We now have field pussytoes (antennaria neglecta) in bloom (sorry, no picture) all over the lakeside hill.  And when I was walking the dogs around the yard I spotted a large clump of Northern White Violas (viola macloskeyi).  With the help of my four year old, we dug up several of these and moved them to an area in my shade garden where they were less likely to be disturbed.

Northern White Violet also known as Small White Violet
I also found several Early Meadow Rue (Thalictrum dioicum) growing in the shady spot behind my garage where nothing grows.  In fact, it's become the resting ground for all of the river rock that was once surrounding our house and has slowly been removed bed by bed, so I wouldn't have thought that it would be good breeding ground for many plants.  We dug some of those up as well and moved them to various spots in the shade garden, leaving a few back there behind the garage.  That space may become an impromptu "rock garden" before you know it!

Early Meadow Rue

I also think that I spotted a few Canada Mayflowers (Maianthemum canadense), otherwise known as "False Lily of the Valley," behind the garage.  I think I'll wait until they flower to go through the hassle of moving them, just in case they aren't Canada Mayflowers after all.

I guess it's a good thing that my husband and I live in a neighborhood where it's ok for us not to be obsessed with our "turf."  Grass just doesn't grow well here, but we have a lot of beautiful varieties of moss!  And we have more creeping charlie than most people would care for.  Can I admit in this space that I actually enjoy the minty smell of creeping charlie when underfoot?  And there is nothing sweeter than my little guy bringing me a hand-picked bouquet of dandelions with a big smile and loving hug.  So I'll take my imperfect lawn any day as it holds surprise treasures all over the place!

Thank you to the Minnesota Wildflowers website for providing so much helpful information on these and other Minnesota natural beauties!


  1. Dandelions make great bouquets!

  2. I love wildflowers! Living in Florida, mine have just gone the way of seed...can't wait until next year!