Friday, May 13, 2011

PJM Rhododendron Blues

About two years ago, I planted three PJM Rhododendrons in front of my kitchen window.  Then last summer, something strange happened - one of them slowly died.  I tried nursing it along all summer, but to no avail, and by the end of the summer it was clear that it was a goner.  Then as I was raking leaves in the fall, I found the culprit - my adorable little Bichon-Poo named Jack took it upon himself to "water" said rhododendron.  So this spring, as my husband was doing yard cleanup, he dug out the dead shrub.  Unfortunately, another of the rhododendrons is showing similar signs of struggle that the dead one showed last year.  Dare I guess who is behind that?

Notice the one on the right, how healthy it is!  I'm afraid that when we pull out the dying one on the left, that little bugger will take out this final rhododendron.

So, do I leave the dying one there?   Should I buy a couple of new ones to replant?  Do I need to do anything to get the ammonia out of the soil before replanting?  Does anyone have some good suggestions for deterring this disgusting and destructive male dog behavior?!

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